The last 7 days have been busy on the project. Not only are we still trying to get our heads round the workpackages and plan our work for the next 13 months but we’ve had to start the work too!

Last Friday we held the first full project meeting. 14 people including the project team and advisory group attended. We had some really fruitful discussions about our planned case studies. At York we are looking at on-demand digitisation with both a new Electronic Key Texts service, and the Borthwick Institute and Archives service to provide digital copies of archive materials. Sheffield’s case study will explore digitising an audio-visual collection that includes videos and interviews with people who did not give their permission for copies to be made. Leeds will be looking at whether digitisation is a viable preservation method for a print collection that is deteriorating.

We also discussed our communication strategy and this was followed up with a day of training at JISC on Monday. Ned and I attended the JISC Internal Communications and Marketing workshop run by Rosemary Stamp. The day was hugely informative and we’ve come away with lots of great materials to help plan our strategy.

We’ve been implementing our communication strategy this week by doing two presentations for library staff at York. The aim of the presentations was to provide a brief overview of the project. The two minute “elevator sell” that we’d talked about at the JISC workshop proved very useful when planning what to say and how to say it.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be drawing together all the information Ned and Matthew have gathered as part of our digitisation inventory. This should provide us with a good picture of the current state of digitisation processes, skills and equipment across the three universities. We’re also going to be fleshing out our case studies with the aim of producing a workflow for what we’ll be doing over the next few months.

– Beccy