A tap, flowing

CC image by .scribe - click to view original on Flickr

We discovered two areas of untapped potential in our libraries, over the course of this project. Firstly the potential for closer collaboration between disparate groups of digitisers, and secondly the potential for staff not currently working in digitisation-related roles to bring their expertise to the table. We did the following:

  1. An inventory of all digitisation activity happening across the White Rose Libraries – including who was doing what, and where their expertise lay
  2. A survey aimed at all library staff, to discover what experience they had in all areas of digitisation – whether they were currently using it at work or not

The result has been much closer cooperation and better communication between the libraries and within the libraries, and a mini-database of staff with untapped expertise across image editing, audio-visual digitisation and so on, just waiting to be dipped into as projects happen and services develop.

It doesn’t take long to find out what the hidden potential of your library is – it’s just a case of asking some questions – but what you learn can benefit your insitutition for ages.