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We found that, in the longer term, it pays to invest in digitisation infrastructure. In both the Leeds case study and the York case study, we found in-house digitisation to be potentially cheaper than outsourcing, in terms of the cost of staff time. This does not take into account the initial investment in equipment, which can be substantial, depending on the quality of the work to be undertaken, or the replacement cost of equipment. However, this may be offset against the possibility of doing digitisation work for institutions which don’t have the capability and thus generating revenue.

The LIFE-SHARE project has encouraged the development of in-house digitisation capability by investing in equipment and training for the White Rose libraries. Other benefits from developing in-house capability include generating staff expertise (which you need to get the best out of out-sourcing anyway); the control it gives you over processes, quality control and the handling of material; and responsiveness to your own needs.