Aeroplace model

CC image by Phil Dokas - click to view original on Flickr

Improved communication has been key to the success of the LIFE-SHARE project. Prior to the start of the project, digitisation was fragmented both institutionally and consortially. The establishment of the project group was the first stage in bringing people together across the White Rose partners working in these fragmented areas of digitisation.

We have continued this work by holding a number of events for White Rose staff working in similar areas related to digitisation. Our exchange of experience events already mentioned on Day 5 of our takeaways, covered copyright, digitised course readings, digitisation for archives and Special Collections, and repositories. These events helped staff share expertise but, more than that, they also helped provide a space to talk to each other in a informal way. Staff have shared ideas, best practice and lessons learned. This in turn has assisted in the building of trust between colleagues and the institutions.

As the project approaches its conclusion, it is vital that these communication channels are maintained and relationships continue to build. The White Rose Directors’ decision to support the continuation of these exchange of experience events illustrates the strong commitment to communication between the partners.