Image of LIFE-SHARE Toolkit homepage

Our Digitisation Toolkit is now finished and available online. This has been a large part of our project for many months so it feels great to have something to make available now. The toolkit started with some work by Dave Kilbey and JISC Digital Media looking at skills and training. Dave drew up some maps for the skills needed for digitisation at each stage of the digital lifecycle. He also identified various sources of training available to support these skills. These maps then provided the framework for our toolkit.

We felt there was such a vast array of help and information available out there for digitisation that sometimes it was hard to know where to start. The aim of the toolkit was to cover all the different aspects of digitisation so people could go to one place. The toolkit contains information with examples and activities to apply to your own digitisation, as well as links out to that vast array of information already available. There are also a couple of case studies from the Universities of Sheffield and York that show how digitisation projects were done in real life.

Carol and Jade from the Skills@Library team based at the University of Leeds have been fantastic helping us develop the toolkit. They’ve applied their technical and elearning skills to our digitisation knowledge and turned it into something beautiful… not that we’re biased about the powers of collaboration or anything!

The toolkit will continue to be supported by the University of Leeds once the project has ended. Please take a look at it and do send us any feedback or examples of how you plan to use it.